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I believe that coaching is a hugely powerful force for personal change. And I also believe that gay men can especially benefit from working with a coach who is also gay.

Trust is critically important to coaching. I find that gay men often connect more easily with someone who they believe really “gets” them and their journey. That has certainly been my personal experience, both as a client and as a coach, too. I am very proud to be part of this Gay Coaches Alliance.

Coaching with Dr. Tim

I see my role as a coach is primarily as a thinking partner, a truth-teller, and an accountability witness for my clients. Together, coach and client intentionally create and hold space for coaching that is a "no shame" zone. This safe space allows incredible freedom for us to explore, envision, and create the kind of life my client feels he was truly meant to have. Coaching is by phone or video conference call, typically three 45 minute sessions per month, with emails between calls. Since the agenda comes from the client, based on what it is you want through coaching, we will do one or more personality assessments that can help jump-start coaching to give us a shared lens and language for taking your life from where you are now, to where you really, really want to be.

Mid-Life Reinvention: You, 2.0

While I coach clients from all walks of life, I have a special passion for helping gay male professionals, ages 35-60, to reinvent themselves. I describe it as "a mid-life makeover, from the inside out." I help my clients identify what it is they REALLY want for their next chapter of life, and then we develop a personal action plan to move them toward the life they dream. Whether it’s identifying a more fulfilling “encore career,” having more fulfilling personal or professional relationships, or just finding more contentment and joy (and fun!) each day in this sweet spot called mid-life, coaching can help.

I know that coaching really works -- I am living proof! Working with my own coach made my reinvention quicker and encore career more fulfilling and successful. I highly recommend reinventing oneself.

So, may I help you?

Let’s Talk

If any of this interests you, click on the Contact Me button to the left and so that we can schedule a free Sample Call to tell me about your dreams and desires and I can share I can help you envision and manifest “You 2.0” Visit my website, www.kincaidcoaching.com

A Little More About Dr. Tim . . .

I am a certified professional coach (CPCC, ACC) and hold a Doctorate in Human & Organizational Development, and also have an MBA. I have more than 25 years of corporate experience in strategic communications, and diversity and inclusion. I was a founding member of the LGBT employee resource group at American Airlines in 1993 (back when it was still pretty darn scary to be out at work in corporate life.) At age 50, I took an early retirement package in 2008 to re-tool, re-configure, and re-invent myself for the next chapter of my life journey, as a heart-centered entrepreneur. I finished grad school, trained and earned certification as a professional coach, and formed Kincaid Associates Coaching & Consulting. My coaching focus is both in the personal realm, as a life coach, and the business arena, for leaders, groups and teams. I also teach at three universities. My husband Larry and I celebrate our 25th anniversary this year. We make our home in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. My website is www.kincaidcoaching.com

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