Recovery Coaching


Monthly Community Conference Call: September 2019

Recovery coaching

is growing rapidly as recovery practitioners and clinicians see the positive effects of coaching in the recovery of addictions and substance and behavioral dependence. Patrick will describe the principles of recovery coaching, how to receive board certification in your state, and how to file for insurance reimbursement.

Patrick Boze, MBA CARC

Patrick is a New York State board certified, professional coach who offers bi-weekly group and individual coaching sessions in New York City, Fort Smith, Arkansas, and online. He also provides on-demand sober companionship worldwide, or can refer you to a coach who can provide those services 24/7.

As part of his own personal coaching program, he has overcome addiction and trauma to become a happily married man, own his own home, obtained a graduate degree & certifications, started a business, and now lives his dream of helping adults and teenagers reach for their dreams and develop healthy behaviors.

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