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You've just uncovered something profound. You are taking the first, second, or even third step toward finding mentorship and companionship on this journey of life. In my eight years as a healthcare chaplain – six of which were spent exclusively with hospice patients – I have learned that many people die with many regrets... especially those whom dominant culture has labeled "successful." They regret spending too much time amassing wealth for their family when the family just wanted more time from them. They regret becoming a [fill in the blank], but what they really wanted to do was be a choral conductor, a sculptor, a stay-at-home father... And they regret having few people surrounding them in their final weeks and days. It's personal integrity and the people surrounding you that make you feel fulfilled at end of life. So when I congratulate you on uncovering something profound, know that I see you, and I appreciate the journey you are on.

I am a native Hoosier but have lived in the Metro New York Tristate Area (southwestern Connecticut) for the past 11 years.

Duly ordained and recognized by the Alliance of Baptists and the American Protestant Union, I start new churches and serve as their pastor until a permanent pastor can be hired. I work as Pastoral Counselor with a hospice in CT.

Finally, I live out my passions through contributing to my community as a board member, performing with professional and Yale-affiliated musical ensembles, snuggling with my dog, reading poetry and nonfiction, participating in my men's group, and staying fit. Here are some snapshots of my preparation to serve you:

Training in Life, Health, and Nutrition Coaching:

     - Health Coach Institute (accredited by ICF)

Master Coach Certification through the International Sports Science Association (2019-2020)

     - Personal Trainer

     - Nutritionist

     - Weight Management

     - DNA-Based Fitness Coach

     - Corrective Exercise Specialist (preventing injury)

     - Exercise Therapy Certification (injury recovery)

     - CPR/AED (annual training) 

Training in Ministry:

     - Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Care and Counseling, Pacific School of Religion, Berkeley (2019)

     - Master's in Pastoral Care and Counseling, Hartford Seminary (2014)

     - Master's in Theology, University of Chicago Divinity School through Meadville/Lombard (2005)

     - Bachelor's in Philosophy and Religion (minors in Greek, Vocal Performance, and Biblical Studies; 2002)

     - Certificate of Sexuality and Religion, Pacific School of Religion

Training in Spiritual Direction:

     - The Mercy Center (Madison, CT)

     - The Urban Spirituality Center (Portland, OR)

Clinical Pastoral Education (Chaplaincy) Internships:

     - Stamford Hospital (800 hours during 2011-2013)

     - Norwalk Hospital (800 hours during 2012-2015)

Additional Designations:

     - Certified Senior Advisor

     - Certified Dementia Specialist

. ., New Haven County, New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United States

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