Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Our Personal & Professional Lens & Its Impact


Monthly Community Conference Call: October 2020

This month we featured a guest presenter: Dave Ciliberto on the topic of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

We explore foundational information related to our personal and professional lens and its impact. Some of the topics include - recent events, identity and intersectionality, bias and microinequities and wrapping up with personal insights.

Dave Ciliberto

is a Senior Human Resources Professional with over 25 years of leadership and expertise in Diversity and Inclusion, Organizational Development, Training and Facilitation, Executive Coaching, Employee Relations, Recruitment and Career Transition. He provides guidance and consultation to many organizations and governmental agencies including EEOC, NSA, Department of Energy, Yale University, Harvard University and CUNY on strategies and implementation approaches for integrating D&I and Leadership programs into goal setting and performance management. Dave also develops and delivers D&I leadership and training programs to Fortune 500 and smaller companies including HSBC, New York Life Insurance Company, Bayer Pharma, ION Media, Harley Davidson, Morgan Stanley and more.

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