Robert Naylor carries the curiosity forward...


Monthly Community Conference Call: November 2014

This month we learned more about GCA member Robert Naylor. In his interview with Tim Kincaid we learned about his career award winning career as a curious journalist and “coach in house” with the Associated Press.

Robert brings his many skills as well as curiosity into his ‘second act” as life coach.
His work focuses primarily on leadership and executive management, career and professional development, work-life integration, and major life changes and transitions. He also works with gay men on issues related coming out and being out in the workplace.

Tim and Robert have both had very successful careers and like many of our members are working on their own "second acts". Tim will be leading a discussion with Robert that will give us an opportunity to get to know one of the newest members of the GCA. Also:

Harry Faddis & John Keathley shared an innovative new project they are launching in 2015.


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