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I support people to be the most alive, fulfilled version of themselves by reclaiming their power & finally creating the life they’ve been waiting for – so they can experience profound aliveness from living a soul-aligned & purpose-centered life.


We all long to fully participate in life. 


I support spiritually-inclined & growth-orientated individuals who are stuck in self-improvement & self-healing and waiting to finally live their lives in a BIG WAY.


My clients long for ease in their body, freedom, & peace; they are afraid of “wasting time” and eager to make the most of this precious life and opportunity.


I help them to embrace their humanness, connect deeply with their emotions and body, & experience renewal, hope, & alignment with their soul's purpose.



My Story:          


Since I was a young child, I thought something was deeply “wrong” with me because I was gay and battled with a chronic digestive condition, and unconsciously, I sought to become “perfect” and “healed” so I could finally feel okay inside. Over time, I felt soul-weary. I became tired of all “the work”, the focus on endless becoming. At some point, I realized I could spend the rest of my life this way, and it still wouldn’t be “enough”.


Eventually, & with the power of grace, I realized that the problem lied with the paradigm I was trapped in. Over time, I experienced a paradigm shift. In this, I experienced the beginning of an awakening that my pain was not pathology but path; that my symptoms were not asking to be healed, but to be held. And, that the only way out is through. That is when the tide fundamentally shifted for me. I realized my life was & is meant to be embraced and lived, & so is yours.  



My Service:


Having harvested these insights & shifted as a result, I now help people who are attached to suffering to move through their pain & experience life newly;  I empower people to shift out of a fixation on self-help & support them to uncover their life’s purpose & meaning; I help people to break free from a paradigm of self-pathology, self-aggression, a project mentality, and a deficiency mindset; and, I support people to reclaim natural self-love & acceptance, connect with radical self-trust, & to uncover the power & potency of their creative selves.


Fundamentally, I help my clients to deeply trust that they’re enough, to serve the world from where they’re at now, & to be at peace with & embrace with their human experience, emotions, and limitations from a grounded, centered place.



Final Words / Offer:


You are not a project to endlessly improve. And, there is no “perfected” state. True healing happens when seeking relief ends & we choose to finally embrace life & living instead.


Your life is patiently and eagerly waiting to be lived and embraced by you…and asking you to finally BEGIN NOW.


I welcome you to contact me for a complimentary consult if this speaks to you.

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Nonviolent Communication, pre-relationship coaching, forgiveness work, relationship support, transforming self-limiting beliefs, identifying your core wounds, public & motivational speaking coaching, creativity coaching (i.e. for web copy), interview support, & editing services. 

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