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Hi, I’m Michael Mammina. Thanks for checking me out!


Tell me if this sounds familiar?


Right now, you’re that person that everyone loves to be around, has a real passion for life, and always ready with a hello or smile. A successful professional leading a very full and busy life, both socially and professionally. You have the ideal life, full of friendships, parties, and family, but deep inside, you’re longing for a greater feeling of love and acceptance for yourself. You should be happy, but you aren’t. Deep inside, you know something isn’t right but are scared to look or don’t even know where to start.


Having personally walked through many of these same feelings, roots, and roadblocks, I bring a great understanding of the personal struggle that you face and know how to make the shifts that make life amazing. Through proven coaching techniques, you can gain the tools to make the changes to live life more authentically and happy. Let me show you how simple it can be.


When you hire me as your Coach, you’ll discover how to:

  • Stop covering up who you are and live life authentically as you
  • Release limiting beliefs that keep you from achieving your dreams
  • Set realistic goals and change the patterns that keep you from achieving your desires
  • Stop using excuses for who you are and see yourself as the gift you truly are
  • Uncover the strength to change your negative internal dialog
  • Identify your personal power, strengths, and gifts and reveal what life has in store for you
  • Cultivate healthy relationships that truly serve you
  • Stop looking to others to fulfill you.
  • Let go of the feelings of I’m “not worthy” or “not good enough.”


Isn’t it time you felt like you were perfect exactly as you are?


I’m a multi-certified Life Coach with global professional experience whose passion is to support successful people to rediscover their life’s vision and “reinvent” themselves by creating a path to their dreams. To overcome what’s been holding them back and step even further into their power.


My mission is to help you live a life confident and with the happiness you deserve.


Connect with me to set up your FREE discovery session, and let’s take your first step together! 



My website: https://www.michaelmammina.com/

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