Michael Kline

Sarasota, Florida 34235, Florida, United States

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Suffering is Optional.

As the Senior Trainer for The RIM Institute (Regernating Images in Memory), I teach coaches, retreat leaders, therapists and other helping professionals the RIM method for deep personal transformation. Imagine never feeeling stuck again, even with the biggest or scariest emotions that can arrise from a client. Emotional processing promotes the deepest coaching results. Yet, our culture has taught us to be afraid of emotions, even referring deeply emotional clients to therapy, as if feelings are an illnes. You can master the skills that allow you to turn on your body's own natural emotioanl operating system and allow your clients to do their deepest work - for greater insights, self confidence, self love, recovery, healing, and yes, even business blocks they don't realize they have buried deep in their subconscious. 36 ICF CCEs provided for RIM Essentials training.

Sarasota, Florida 34235, Florida, United States

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