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Non-judgemental kink aware life- and executive- coaching.

***My first book may be the world's first LGBT+ and kink aware self-help book. Download 'Mastering Life' FREE from www.englishleathermaster.com/mastering-life***

Hi there, I'm Matthew, also known as English Leather Master. I'm an ICF ACC certified, experienced life and executive coach. I specialise in giving kinky LGBT+ people a space to explore the links between different areas of their lives to move their lives forwards to find happiness and fulfillment both in their personal lives and at work. I've used my own coaching to develop a two successful businesses of my own and to help many others to move forward in their lives and jobs.

Although I mainly coach people who are interested in kink, not all of my coaching is life coaching. Some of my clients come to me trying to find ways to integrate kink in their relationships, but many others come to talk about their work. I find that kinky people can be very self-aware and understand their personal drivers and values. I often discuss the lessons people can learn from their erotic/sexual life and how they can draw on this in their work life. How can a leader's love of submission help him in leading a his team? What can the salesperson learn from the headspace he enters when he's being spanked that can be applied to improving his sales figures?

I've coached people throughout the LGBT+ spectrum as well as cis-gender, heterosexual and non-kinky people. I pride myself in being non-judgemental and unshockable.

I've a background in education, assessment and training, and have worked for a range of companies from small software development companies to mulitnational joint ventures. I've trained and given talks in as wide ranging topics as practical assessment in science (to over 1,000 UK teachers online) to kink relationships (at a fetish event in Beligum), as well as talking to packed rooms of business owners in China and teachers in over 12 countries from Egypt to Indonesia. I've developed and marketed products, worked with sales and marketing teams and influenced governement regulations across the world. My wide ranging experience means I'm well set up to work with clients from all industries and at all levels in organisations.

My coaching is future- and solution-focused. I strive to help people understand themselves and their drivers better without spending too much time wondering why the present is like it is. I'm straight talking and push my clients to achieve the best for themselves. I believe in partnering, not pandering. I stress test agreed actions to ensure they're followed through.

I divide my time between Europe, North America and South East Asia, so the majority of my coaching is online.

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