Matt Viviano

Toronto, Canada


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Lead with Love and Light.

As a man who believes love can heal, Matt’s focus is to bring light to his sessions with men through a multiude of avenues.

As a Tarot Card reader of 8+ years, Matt uses the esoteric and classic archetype imagery to provide guidance through readings. While Tarot can be used exclusively for divination, Matt‘s approach is to work with the client to help them see patterns and opportunities from a coaching angle to get them to think about different avenues and opportunities.

Matt has also been a practicing energy healer for the last 5 years, working with light to cleanse the auric field and raise vibrations of clients (extremely similar to reiki). Matt also brings crystals into the mix to help align vibration frequencies to desired states (example: more vitality, increased virility, empowerment in ones beliefs, or confidence).

Finally, Matt is a tantra practitioner and constant student of the art of intimacy. As Gay Men, we can heal our community by healing ourselves. Shame, judgment, and self hatred have been prevalent within our sub culture through the perspective of “not being hot enough” or “young enough” when in reality we are all beautiful and can find that love within.

Matt works with men 1:1, as couples or polyamourous relationships, and in the future - will facilitate men‘s retreats to help them get in touch with their self love and divine masculine.

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Matt is available anytime for consultation and collaboration, but sending an email is best to arrange an appointment ahead of time.
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