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I'm a Certified Professional Coach. I trained at iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). iPEC is a fully accredited program by the International Coach Federation (ICF). I'm dedicated to assisting people like you achieve their highest possible level of excellence and effectiveness, be that in your organization or in your personal life. I'm a recognized expert coach, motivational speaker, facilitator and educator specializing in human potential and interpersonal communications.


In addition to my corporate training seminars, or 15 years I’ve enjoyed the wonderful opportunity of being a Lead Instructor for iPEC, one of the top coach training schools in the world. I have trained several thousand certified coaches around globe including the US, Canada and Europe.  In all my training classes, whether it be coach trainings or corporate trainings, I use a unique blend of instructional teaching and motivational speaking.  


My dynamic seminars focus on interpersonal communication, personal effectiveness, goal setting, organizational change, diversity, workplace harassment and more. For 20 years, I have been speaking and facilitating programs (for groups and individuals) around the globe on many sensitive organizational, interpersonal and personal issues, as well as coaching managers, executives, and front-line employees at some of the nation's top companies and government organizations.  


Clients have included Toys 'R' Us, GAP Inc., American Express, Massmutual Financial, Lutron Electronics, Kraft Foods, NASA, Bristol Myers-Squibb, the US Department of Health & Human Services and the US Department of Defense. A specialty area of mine is the use of live interactive drama and theater as a training tool.  


Many who have attended my seminars report having achieved several critical accomplishments in their lives from getting a promotion, changing careers, or starting a business, to improving/saving a failing relationship, and enhancing communication with children and family. They also report that the results they experience are long lasting, continuing to impact their lives long after their work with me.

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