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Monthly Community Conference Call: March 2020

The Neuroscience of Changing Minds and Behaviors

How do you make the coaching magic happen so your clients maximize their personal and professional potential?

The 2020 GCA Pre-Conference Institute will take you through the coaching framework: from preparing yourself and your client for the coaching session, to establishing the coaching agreement, through exploration, into reflection, and finally through designing actions. Each step of the way we will address the associated ICF competencies, identify what does and doesn’t work, look at the neuroscience as to why, and experiment with new ways of working with our clients.

Interviewed by
Peter Simmonds

Jeff Nally

Jeff Nally is an executive coach, coaching supervisor, professional speaker, and author who creates no-nonsense neuroscience solutions with leaders to be more human at work and in life. Jeff is the president of Nally Group Inc., a practice focused on the science of leadership and human interaction.

Brian Gorman

For more than four decades I have been engaged in—and a student of—change at the personal, organizational, and societal levels. 

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