Realize Your Greatness


Monthly Community Conference Call: March 2019

Realize Your Greatness

You have unique talents. Mind-blowing abilities. The things which are easy, simple and straightforward for you— others cannot do, or else they must work twice as hard to accomplish. You have gifts which others don’t have, and understanding, owning and embracing that is the key insight you need to realize your greatness.

Many coaches overlook their talents. They trivialize and diminish them because they seem so straightforward and easy. Some coaches even hold back, resist, or give up on expressing their unique abilities. However, the more you can embrace and own the mind-blowing abilities YOU DO HAVE, the more they will shape your success as a coach. You can create a better world and be paid to do it.

Think about it: If you don’t appreciate, accept and cherish your greatness, if you don’t engage the most unique part of who you are by focusing, energizing and leveraging all of those mind-blowing abilities, if you are wasting time second guessing and diminishing what is uncomplicated and easy for you, then you are taking away the very gifts the world genuinely does need.

Jeff Moore

Jeff Moore is a business strategist, serial entrepreneur, and angel investor. He helps business owners who are stuck transform themselves and their companies.

He built a financial software development company to serve clients like Barclays, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, and UBS. In addition to large-scale software development, Jeff helps these organizations with business strategy, sales process, and client experience.

Jeff has served on the New York Board of Entrepreneur’s Organization and is certified Gazelles, Outhinker and Book Yourself Solid coach.

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