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Hello! If you have big goals for your career and your life but are feeling stuck, we should talk. “I feel stuck” is the most common phrase I hear when speaking with prospective clients.

I help Silicon Valley’s top talent get unstuck, own their fabulousness, and achieve what they never imagined was possible...

"I cannot put into words what a massive difference Kyle made in my job search. After working with Kyle, I applied for ten leadership jobs on a Friday and had responses from six of them on Monday. I ended up with three offers in one week!” - Product Management Executive

“Kyle nailed it! My resume was bland and too broad for the tech company roles I focused my job search around... The end product was a focused resume that aligned with my job search goals and helped me land my new role with a high tech company!” - Human Resources Executive

“When I decided it was time to take the big leap forward in my career, I had been at my previous employer 12+ years, and honestly, felt a bit lost on how to best market myself and leverage my network for a Senior Leadership role... I knew I was talented and good enough, but Kyle has the unique way of cutting through all of the noise in your head and helping you realize your FABULOUSNESS!!” - Marketing Executive

“Kyle and his coaching is truly one of a kind! The only way to put it is this: Kyle changed my life. Working with him made the impossible possible." - Business & Life Coach

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While your results will vary, know that they will be anything besides ordinary. That's my promise to you.

 1,000+ clients to date

 Expert in Silicon Valley & high tech, senior managers & executives, career changers & purpose-driven leaders
✅ Featured in Business Insider, CNBC, CNN, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Forbes, Fortune, Glassdoor, and The Muse, among dozens of other publications
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❇️ Doctor of Education

❇️ MPA in Nonprofit Management

❇️ BS in Health Education & Counseling

❇️ Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES)

❇️ Strong Interest Inventory® Certified

❇️ MBTI® Practitioner
❇️ Successful Strengths Coaching, Gallup®

✅ Best Career & Interview Coach
✅ Best Resume Writer for Silicon Valley/Tech Managers & 
✅ Top Career Coach

✅ Top Job Search Expert to Follow on LinkedIn

✅ LinkedIn Top Voice (the platform’s highest honor)

✳️ Forbes Coaches Council

✳️ Career Directors International

✳️ National Resume Writers’ Association

✳️ TroopHR (founding member)

✳️ Gay Coaches Alliance

SERVICES: Career Coaching / Interview Coaching / Executive Coaching

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San Francisco, California, United States

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