Writing & Publishing for Promoting Part I


Writing & Publishing for Promoting Part I


  • Why would you want to write? Benefits?
  • How to write and what are the different options?
  • How to write for a scholarly journal?
  • How to write blog or vlog?
  • How do you get published in Choice Magazine?
  • How to write a book chapter for a bigger book?
  • How to leverage writing for marketing?
  • What support is available? Writing coaches? Accountability? Co‐authoring?
  • Graphics, photographers and proof readers.


00:26:23 Kyle Elliott: WELCOME, JOSH!!!
00:27:04 Shane Scott: Welcome
00:27:07 Shane Scott: :)
00:27:25 Wesley Combs: Sorry I had audio difficulties but I am now here and able to hear. Thank you Tim Kincaid for inviting me to be a guest.
00:27:46 David Whittleton (He, Him, His): Welcome Wesley!
00:28:00 David Whittleton (He, Him, His): Welcome Josh!
00:33:35 Garry Schleifer: Welcome Tony!
00:33:54 Garry Schleifer: Welcome Robb!
00:34:24 David Whittleton (He, Him, His): Welcome Robb!
00:35:07 Kyle Elliott: Good idea!
00:36:31 David Whittleton (He, Him, His): Welcome Tony!
00:36:38 Kyle Elliott: Welcome, Tony!
00:38:04 Kyle Elliott: I have to run to another call. So nice to see you all!
00:38:13 David Whittleton (He, Him, His): Bye Kyle!
00:38:15 Garry Schleifer: Bye Kyle
00:38:18 Matthew Bennett: Good to see you Kyle!
00:38:56 Josh Saterman (he/him/his): Thank you everyone.... I have to get to a previous commitment. Be well all. :)
00:39:13 Garry Schleifer: Bye Josh
00:39:13 Bernie Kettle: See you Josh...
00:39:13 Thomas Keydel: welcome one and all! great to have you all here today!
00:40:44 Terry Hildebrandt, PhD, MCC, MCEC: This is my brand new book - https://www.amazon.com/Innovations-Leadership-Coaching-Research-Monograph/dp/0986393002/ref=sr_1_3?crid=1Q4NHS1T3EWEI&dchild=1&keywords=innovations+in+leadership+coaching+practice+%26+research&qid=1591907572&sprefix=Innvovations+in+leaders%2Caps%2C178&sr=8-3
00:41:48 Garry Schleifer: 2 weekly blogs and a quarterly column in…choice!
00:42:18 Patrick Boze: my brand new book 12 Steps to Business Breakthroughs: Entrepreneurs in Recovery from Crisis & Addiction https://www.amazon.com/dp/B089TVCJGZ?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860
00:42:18 Bernie Kettle: I have written an ebook
00:42:21 Brad Krueger (he/him/his) - Success Beyond Luck: The Realists Weekly VLOG/BLOG
00:42:46 Garry Schleifer: Thanks Bernie. I’ve written an ebook as well
00:42:59 Terry Hildebrandt, PhD, MCC, MCEC: Here are the others -- https://www.amazon.com/Terry-H.-Hildebrandt-PhD/e/B008ENDYI0?ref_=dbs_p_pbk_r00_abau_000000
00:45:03 Robb Hutter: Robb Hutter here from Philly. Studying coaching at Coachville and SChool of Conscious Living (enneagram and spiral dynamics). excited to be here!
00:45:22 Tim Kincaid: Welcome Robb!
00:45:36 Bernie Kettle: Thank you, Robb, and welcome!! Glad to have you here....
00:46:14 Shane Scott: I have to head out for an appointment as well, but great to see everyone. Happy Pride!
00:49:11 Garry Schleifer: Welcome Robb. And welcome back Hollis
00:50:27 Hollis Kam: Hi Everyone!
00:51:08 Garry Schleifer: I’m a guest blogger for ICF
00:56:20 Matthew Bennett: I thought it was a velociraptor :O
00:56:43 Garry Schleifer: lol
00:59:24 Wil Fisher: That is super useful info about self publishing vs finding a publisher. Thanks for that, Terry!
01:00:04 Patrick Boze: I self-published on Amazon and it was so easy
01:04:31 Paul Papierski: Thanks everyone. Great information. I need to drop off now.
01:05:12 Dominic Longo: Here’s my blog, friends - I’d welcome any feedback! https://www.flourishinggays.com/blog
01:05:53 Thomas Keydel: frequency is critical if you want to blog
01:06:06 Brad Krueger (he/him/his) - Success Beyond Luck: Have to run to another meeting. Thank you for the advice!
01:06:44 Ken Jenkins: Nice to see everyone. I have a 4p conf. call. See you. next time
01:06:46 Thomas Keydel: I blogged for a year and then I stopped. and I Left the blog as is.
01:07:53 Scott: Tom.... turn that blog into a book!
01:08:11 Tony: Gotta run. Thank you everyone for the input
01:08:28 Allen Siewert: go to meet youtony
01:08:38 Bernie Kettle: Bye Tony
01:08:45 Bernie Kettle: Glad to have you here
01:17:49 Garry Schleifer: Welcome Etienne!
01:22:10 Scott: http://helpareporter.com
01:23:02 Garry Schleifer: Thanks Scott
01:24:04 Scott: kdp.amazon.com acx.amazon.com
01:24:06 Wesley Combs: Thank you for allowing me to be a guest. Sounds like a great group and I plan to join.
01:24:19 Allen Siewert: glad to have you here Wes
01:24:45 David Whittleton (He, Him, His): You will enjoy this group Wesley!
01:24:51 thor: Thank you Harry for the invitation and thank you all for your hospitality!
01:25:41 Robb Hutter: Robb here, newbie coach and would love an accountability partner. anyone up for this? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. about
01:27:12 Etienne Lartigau: Etienne Lartigau proficiencycoaching.com
01:28:13 Robb Hutter: oops! misspelled my own name! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
01:29:44 Scott: You can get a good an inexpensive editor from upwork. Post a part of your book and ask for an edit as part of your hiring process for an editor.
01:30:08 Scott: https://www.upwork.com/
01:30:48 Matthew Bennett: I used Designer.io to turn my book from a series of Word documents into something that looks vaguely professional. Super easy once you get your head round it and much cheaper than a typesetter.
01:34:22 Scott: All of the covers of all my books I got from Fiverr (for $5 and a $5 tip). This is where I also got the video promos for my books.
01:34:49 Allen Siewert: Scott, your covers rock!
01:35:33 Matthew Bennett: There’s a really inexpensive unlimited stock image library here: https://elements.envato.com highly recommended.
01:35:50 Garry Schleifer: Alos free pixabay.com
01:36:01 Garry Schleifer: Images

with Our panel of published authors:

  • Terry Hildebrandt,

  • Scott Graham-Stephens

  • Garry Schliefer


Terry H. Hildebrandt, PhD, MCC, MCEC is a certified executive coach, organization development consultant, coach educator, coach supervisor, and author.

His books include:


Garry Schleifer is the publisher of Choice: the magazine of professional coaching, celebrating over 15 years as the quarterly, print and/or digital, magazine committed to being the global unbiased source about coaching.

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