The Neuroscience of our Three Brains


The Neuroscience of our Three Brains

with Brian Gorman


During our 2019 conference, workshops on the neuroscience of coaching were among the most popular. In one of those workshops, Brian Gorman introduced the neuroscience of our three brains (head, heart, and gut).

On this month’s call, Brian will demonstrate how to work with your clients’ (and your own) three brains during coaching. He will begin by briefly introducing key characteristics of the three brains and how they function. Then he will move into a live coaching session showing how he applies an understanding of the three brains in working with a client. This will be followed by a debrief of the coaching session and Q&A.

Brian Gorman

For more than four decades I have been engaged in—and a student of—change at the personal, organizational, and societal levels. Among the many things that I have learned three facts stand out.


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