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Monthly Community Conference Call: June 2014

This month we featured a conversation between one of our newest members Doug Loescher and Terry Hildebrandt. They discussed Doug’s transition from a nonprofit executive to leadership coach. How to successfully transitions careers is something we all encounter with our clients. This discussion should have something each of us will be able to use with our clients.

Doug Loescher is the Principal of Civic Strategies Group. He and his business supports sustainable communities and passionate nonprofit leaders. As a facilitator and coach, Doug provides creative strategy development services for groups and individuals engaged in mission-driven organizations. He has more than 30 years of experience in the community development field, leading successful initiatives on both the local and national level. Before entering private practice, Doug served as Director of the National Trust Main Street Center for 10 years.

Terry Hildebrandt PhD is not only a brilliant coach but also a committed member of the GCA. He chaired the Program Committee for the conference just completed and has agreed to do it for the 2015 conference. Terry is a catalyst for individuals and organizations to realize their full potential by providing coaching, facilitation, and organization development consulting. He equips you with the self-awareness, tools, and processes to reach your goals! He has over 16 years of coaching experience and 27 years of business experience.


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