Deep Listening


Monthly Community Conference Call: July 2019

“all we want is to be heard, to be gotten by others.”

Listening is the underdeveloped asset in our leadership, culture, and organizational life.
Deep Listening expands our capacity to remain
open, receive concerns, perceive experiences newly, and connect deeply to others.

Our time together will offer an opportunity to:

  • Experience who we are as a listening, as a commitment that shapes our views and possibilities
  • Experiment with the field or clearing for listening that generates our speaking.
  • Connect listening to three other ICF competencies: Coaching Presence, Creating Awareness, and Cultivating Trust & Intimacy.

Tony Vitaliano Zampella, MSOL

is an educator, activist, leadership coach, writer, and researcher in the field of adult learning and leadership development. Tony began coaching in 2000, and was on faculty at Mercy College until 2005, directing its graduate program in Organizational Leadership. Tony’s research includes the work of Martin, Ken Wilber and Integral Theory, and Buddhists principles around contemplative practices, including mindfulness. His research on listening has been cited by ICF (International Coaching Federation), and he is also a contributor to the coaching text book: Complex situations in coaching: A critical case-based approach, which will shortly be released.Tony Vitaliano Zampella, MSOL

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