Stepping into Elderhood


Monthly Community Conference Call: July 2015

Stepping into Elderhood a conversation with Harry Faddis

The world lost a substantial portion of what should be gay elders for us.
What does it mean to claim your place as an elder?
And how can we, as gay men and coaches, joyfully step into aging?

In October of 2012, Michael Cohen had a conversation with Harry on the topic of aging and being a Gay Elder. For those of you who remember, it was a lively and relevant conversation about Harry's experience at Easton, his commitment to living at a retreat center and his many passions. At the time, they spoke of conducting a second part of this conversation, and today we made that follow up chat.

Some of you may also remember the evening Harry lead about Elderhood at the 2nd Annual International Gay Coaches Conference and how some of you were uncomfortable with the notion of being seen as an elder. The world lost a substantial portion of what should be gay elders for us. With relatively few role models to inspire us and show how to be vital and engaged as we age, we see aging as something to be feared and avoided as long as we are able.


On July 9, Michael and Harry continued this conversation. Harry will addressed the following topics:


  • what he has learned about aging in the last 2 years,
  • what he believes to be the role of a gay elder and what is necessary to embrace that role,
  • what is the beneficial relationship between gay elders and gay youth, and
  • what men at middle age can do to prepare for their elder years.


Listen in us as we choose to embrace elderhood is yet another way to be of service and live in the world as a powerful coaches and men.


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