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I Help Gay and Bisexual Men Live Their Best Life Possible

Hello! I'm an ICF certifed spiritual life coach. I'm also a human design specialist. I work with gay and bisexual men who want to find purpose, community and connection. I do this through movement, storytelling and using human design to get in touch with the beautiful, authentic being you are. 

I believe that to truly meet the needs of gay men, a spiritual path must not simply accept queerness, it must celebrate it. Being gay or queer is a spiritual gift that helps you to bring more compassion and beauty into the world as you fulfill your soul's mission. Queer spirituality is also inherently sex positive. Our spirituality should inspire and support your sexuality not ask you to shelve part of who you are.

I work with gay and bisexual men in several ways:

Coaching for coming out. Coming out is such a deeply personal decision and process. I offer spiritual life coaching for those men coming to terms with their identity and preparing to come out as gay or bi. 

Living out loud. Living out loud is my primary coaching for gay and bisexual men. I work with gay and bisexual men who have already come out and are now looking for more purpose and fulfillment in life. Using human design, I'll help you connect to your most authentic expression and wave goodbye to all the things that you "should" do or "have to" do. We'll work together at finding purpose in your life, strengthening your connection to your higher power and finding joy and delight in the small things. 

Sacred Kinship Program. The Sacred Kinship program is my program in which I work with small groups of gay and bisexual men to learn to connect on a soul level with one another. We'll explore the various expectations, blame, fears and judgments that get in the way of intimate and deep friendship with other men. At the end of this program, the particpants are more connected to the concept of grace (for themselves and outhers) and have powerful tools for building strong friendships and creating community.

Sacred Kinship Retreats The Sacred Kinship retreats are opportunities to experience Sacred Kinship in a shorter intensive style workshop and have the opportunity to practice the concepts in real physical space with other men. The locations of these retreats are deteremined by demand. 

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