John Pendal

Worthing, West Sussex, United Kingdom


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Coaching for people for who feel outsiders.

There's nothing wrong with being an outsider. No one here is trying to fix you. But there might be other areas of your life where you are dissatisfied, and want to talk them over with someone who "gets you".

John is a cisgender gay man (pronouns he/ him) and is relatable rather than aspirational. During his life John has experienced negative thoughts, gay conversion therapy, coeliac disease, back surgery and identifies as autistic. He has also become the only British winner of the "International Mr Leather" contest in Chicago and had a ten year career as a stand-up comedian which has taken him around the world.

John wants to help other people, especially those who feel like an outsider. You may feel that way because of your gender or sexuality, neurodiversity, health diagnosis or just a feeling of "not fitting in". John will listen and ask questions in total confidence and without judgement.

Coaching can help with all areas of your life: professional and personal. John has helped his clients discover who they are, what their passions are, find their voice, achieve goals, accept themselves, be happier and change their lives.

If you would like to discuss a complimentary session with John please get in touch by email, phone or using the contact form on his website.



FAA Level 2 Award in First Aid for Mental Health

Accredited Coach with Animas Centre for Coaching


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