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Tell me something good.

As an internal coach I partner with individuals in navigating their careers and personal development journeys.   My primary focus is working with emerging leaders, leaders in transition and leaders who are stuck.  I seek to work with people who do not have easy access to the resources that can help them discover and grow – especially talent in the LGBQT+, Women in Leadership, People of Color and Millennial communities.  To my coaching practice I bring a Coaching Certification in WBEC’s Accelerating Coach Excellence: Journey to Mastery program plus over 25 years of business experience travelling across 15 different countries working in engineering, operations management, corporate training, business transformation, business excellence, program management and M&A integrations. I am most impactful with people who are new to coaching and curious to explore how they can optimize the experience to accelerate their journey. I have one non-negotiable ask:  tell me something good.

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