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2018 GCA "Come Home" Conference Success!!

2018 GCA "Come Home" Conference Success!!

by all accounts, a huge success...


The 2018 GCA pre-conference and conference was, by all accounts, a huge success, with members, scholarship recipients and guests attending at Easton Mountain Retreat Center from May 10-May 13th.


We'd like to thank the following presenters for sharing their time, talents and skills with all of us:

  • Dave Allen
  • Michael Cohen
  • Harry Faddis
  • Brian Gorman
  • Terry Hildebrandt
  • Craig G Howe
  • Arnie Katz
  • S. Mark Kennedy
  • Tom Keydel
  • Tim Kincaid
  • Jeff Moore
  • Jeff Nally
  • Shane M. Scott
  • Allen Siewert

IMG 8365 160Workshop and presentation topics included: sex and sexuality in the world of coaching (pre-conference event), networking and marketing, the power of acknowledgment and appreciation, letting go of the fear of feedback, financial coaching basics, issues gay men face in corporate America, creating terrific testimonials, distinctions between coaching and therapy, using ROI to help clients get unstuck, using Meetup to grow your coaching practice, transforming your clients future self-projections, coaching and supervision, working with "anchors" to help facilitate awareness and change, Points of You, yoga classes, meditation classes, and the Touch Me program for relaxation and nurturing.


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Thanks to Dave Allen, we also were treated to a very powerful film called, "The Mask You Live In", directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, about the messages that boys get as children that have far reaching consequences on their lives, on their full development of empathy and other emotional skills to become well-rounded, authentic men, and on the arc of their lives. Here's a link to check out this movie: