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Scholarship Program for 2018

The GCA Executive Board was thrilled to receive an anonymous grant for $10,000. The purpose of the grant was to enhance the membership and mission of the Gay Coaches Alliance and to support the ongoing relationship with Easton Mountain. The board decided to apply the funds toward a scholarship program that was specifically designed to cultivate new membership by encouraging non-members to participate in our 2018 Gay Coaches Conference. Only non-members were eligible and each applicant was to locate a current member who would serve as his sponsor. A small amount of funds will be held over 2019.

We are pleased to announce the following Scholarship Recipients:

  • Shane Scott
  • Vito Abate
  • Jonathan Winn
  • Craig G. Howe
  • Jerry Growney
  • Justin Barton
  • S. Mark Kennedy
  • Robert Halley
  • Grey Jacks
  • James Ashton
  • Hollis Kam

The scholarship funds were applied to the recipient based on which parts of the conference a recipient was to attend. Every receipting received $545 for the Quad Level food, lodging, and programming for the main conference). If a recipient attended the pre-conference then an additional $100 was applied to cover the one extra day of lodging and food and a $200 amount was applied to cover the Pre-Conference Institute programming. (This is the per-person fee charged by the pre-conference presenters).

So of the twelve recipients, seven are attending the pre-conference workshop and the main conference with the remainder attending only the Friday, Saturday and Sunday main conference events.

The board hopes that this scholarship program will produce a increase our membership numbers and will bring greater awareness to our professional and social activities among our target population. The key to generating membership diversity to expand the awareness among the target population who can most generously be served by what we are promoting. For the GCA, that target population is gay men who are now, or who are seeking to become coaching professionals. This is just one step in that direction.

It is not clear whether or not another scholarship program will be possible for our next conference. The board wishes to thank the anonymous grant maker who sponsored this program.