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584 Castro Street #877, San Francisco, California 94114, San Francisco County, United States


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Coaching and Mentoring that supports decision making and thinking from all parts of the self.

The style of consulting and coaching I do introduces the concept that learning is a life-long process. In much the same way, that as humans we learn in different ways, understanding the importance in how we engage the learning process works and finding one that is sustainable is a key element of the work I do. For most of us, that means accepting that we operate from more than one perspective. Therefore we need to learn from an individual perspective, a professional one, and a social one.

Working with me is based on a consultation approach that will help you stretch, exercise and condition the “learning brain”. With the objective being your growth, expansion, and development of a useful and rich experience. I tend to see change as an engaged and active experience and encourage you to own this experience as an active partner. Make that first move and reach out to me and let us find out the best fit for you. Check out my membership-free Engage! blog to read up on what interesting tips, tools, and tidbits I find worth sharing or even suggest a topic or guest post one.


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584 Castro Street #877, San Francisco, California 94114, San Francisco County, United States

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