Transform Pain into Possibility


Monthly Community Conference Call: February 2021

Transform Pain into Possibility

Dissolve Emotional Blocks & Transform
Pain with RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory)


Michael J. Kline
Master Certified RIM Facilitator & Trainer
Jack Canfield Senior Trainer
Certified Barrett Consultant


What the world needs NOW more than ever is greater emotional resilience, to:

  • Manage strong emotions, such as anger, fear, resentment, bitterness, or despair
  • Recognize the impact that strong negative emotions have on our lives
  • Make emotionally healthy decisions that boost happiness, contentment, and self-worth
  • Identify and overcome emotional blocks that prevent personal growth
  • Manage powerful emotional outbursts (whether it’s your own or someone else’s)
  • Feel more compassion toward oneself and others

A lot of our clients are experiencing strong emotions right now. They’re angry... bitter… afraid... resentful… frustrated… disappointed… and in many cases, feeling hopeless.

If we want to move forward together into a brighter future, it’s clear that a lot of healing needs to happen. This is our mission at The RIM Institute, to end unnecessary suffering.

Join us to discover RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory)

RIM is a process which takes you on a powerful journey into your own heart, mind, and soul – and brings you out the other side bursting with insight and inspired to take bold action toward your goals in life.
It’s also extremely effective at helping boost self-esteem and overcome any crisis or conflict successfully. 

  • Regenerate negative feelings into an “anything is possible” mindset
  • Transform resistance, confusion and pain into empowered action
  • Dramatically boost your emotional intelligence
  • Heal repressed trauma in yourself and others
  • Master any emotional breakdown (yours and other’s)
  • Add a powerful new healing and processing tool to your services and programs

RIM is a powerful process used by coaches, therapists, and other professionals, that helps clients permanently resolve emotional blocks holding them back without reliving old hurt and pain. RIM is much more than an intellectual perspective shift. It is a whole-brain experience that turns on our natural Emotional Operating System (EOS), with the power of our imagination, and subconscious, to release and regenerate stuck negative emotions and memories at the source.

Michael Kline

Michael is the 11th of 12 children born into poverty, to an abusive, alcoholic father living on a junkyard. He lost his mother to cancer at age 7 and was raised by an emotionally abusive aunt and uncle. Against all odds, through hard work and great luck, he created a successful life as a six-time successful entrepreneur. Now dedicated to easing emotional suffering in the world, he lives in Sarasota, FL with Sal, his husband of 32 years and their new labradoodle Luke.

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