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Monthly Community Conference Call: December 2014

Variety is the truly the spice of life….and that can greatly enrich your experience as a coach. Learn how to think about your business as an enterprise and shift from the limiting thinking often found by seeing yourself as a solo practitioner. 

Jim and Jeff explored the thought process and thinking around being a successful entrepreneur that embraces multiple passions, the "zig zag approach", humility, and the benefits of sharing your learning, journey, and coaching skills with your clients.

About Jeff:
Jeff Vilensky created 2B Enterprises, LLC - an operating Company comprising Broadway Bodies, JaVilen Coaching, 2B Studios, and MMX.

On the way, Jeff has created IntenSati and Coaching for Men, GCC (Gay Coaches Collective), the Koi Pond (a small version of Shark Tank), In The Company of Men (Coaching for Gay Men), The Touch Asylum (the first gay naked haunted house), and More.

With a mind for business and a body for Broadway - his unlimited bright ideas, charisma, entrepreneurial skills, and a unabashed desire to help people succeed and make an impact on the world drives him on a daily basis.

Jeff got his start working on Wall Street as an Equity Analyst which honed his business and investment skills. Jeff lives happily with his partner Jimmy and superstar dog Emma.

His brands are:


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