Balancing multiple passions


Monthly Community Conference Call: December 2013

There is a lot that Jim's passionate about, he balances multiple careers (he's got at least 3). He spoke to us about how to easily design and deliver successful workshops. Jim taught this topic at a workshop he co-lead at our conference. I

Jim was a Television Packaging Agent at the William Morris Agency in New York for 7 years packaging television series, specials and long-form programming for the networks, cable and syndication.

Jim left William Morris to start his own packaging agency for reality, non-fiction, documentary and animation television production companies, Jim works with his clients creating original programming, securing creative/financial elements, arranging for network presentations and negotiating the production/financing agreements. Jim covers the commercial, basic cable and pay cable networks in New York, LA, Washington.

Jim is a faculty member of the School of Visual Arts and teaches Animation: The Real World (everything you need to know about animation except how to animate) to senior animation students.

Jim leads workshops, including personal branding, networking, pitching and the art of the deal, etc. for a wide range media and entertainment clients.



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