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Craig G Howe

Varzea dos Joios Velhos, CXP813J, Sao Marcos da Serra, 8375-210, Faro, Portugal

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See differently

I am and have always been fascinated by people and difference. Partnering virtually with 500+ clients in over 45 countries worldwide, I listen for what shapes how that person sees the world. This unlocks how I support them to grow their impact and sense of fulfilment.

Whether working with teams, executives, leaders or other coaches, my style is imbued with curiosity, courage and compassion. Growth is not a straight line. These core values help me walk alongside you as you navigate the path of your development.

Coaching provides a rich and nurturing space that puts you first. Starting slow makes room to go fast later. Growing self awareness provides the foundation, developing acceptance makes the change sustainable. Success looks like individuals and teams who see difference as generative, who think future back and outside in and work collaboratively for organisation level outcomes.

My own leadership includes shaping the coach community at Sounding Board. I actively contribute through the Coach Community Council and recruit new coaches to make Sounding Board the organisation where the best coaches coach.

In addition, I support Lever Transfer of Learning as a Turning Learning into Action Specialist™. I support clients in maximising the benefits of their learning investments.

Curious to find out more? Please reach out. I’d welcome exploring what may be possible for you.

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Varzea dos Joios Velhos, CXP813J, Sao Marcos da Serra, 8375-210, Faro, Portugal

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