Monthly Community Conference Calls

Each month the Gay Coaches Alliance hosts a community call for it's members.


Members check-in, discuss tools & technologies, participate in a topic-focused interview or panel discussion, ask for & get help, form partnerships and share what they are currently working on.

Recordings and call participation is open only to members.


Members can also join us each month for our Social Hour


April 2024: Improv Your Coaching 

Compelling GrantsApril  2024

Improv Your Coaching
with Robby Hutter

Coaching and Improv have a lot in common. As coaches we are required to listen deeply, get creative, maintain presence and partner with clients. There is no script, no way of knowing what our client will say next or what direction the session will take. This workshop will introduce to you the tools and skills that actors and improvisors use for success. These creative tools are being used in business, leadership, and change management to enhance resilience, flexibility and presence. Whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting out, this interactive session will help you think on your feet, adapt to unexpected situations, and foster creativity in your coaching practice. No prior experience in improvisation or coaching is required – just come with an open mind and a willingness to explore new ways of connecting with your clients.

March 2024: How To Make Compelling Grants

Compelling GrantsMarch  2024

How To Make Compelling Grants
with Kenneth Mitchell

This month GCA Member Dr. Kenneth Mitchell will be sharing his experience in creating compelling grants. Grants can help coaches serve people who might not otherwise not have access to coaching.

December 2023: Know Wonder I'm a Coach!

No wonder im a coachDecember 2023

Know Wonder I'm a Coach!
with Thor Falk

Breaking down who we are and what we want to become as a coach.  Explore a process that can be adapted to individual coaching, group coaching/team building, business development and more.

Just the Tip: The Psychology and Neurobiology of Leadership and Coaching

The Psychology and Neurobiology of Leadership and CoachingOctober 2023

Just the Tip: The Psychology and Neurobiology of Leadership and Coaching
with Jarret Jackson

What do Donald Trump, Simone Biles, and the Wizard of Oz have in common? They all understand the power of the parasympathetic nervous system and its importance when it comes to influence, performance, and connection. Join me to learn how you can use neurobiology to become more influential and helpful in your coaching practice!

In this session, I provide an overview of the latest research into the neurobiology of leadership, motivation, and coaching. After a brief intro to motivational psych, we’ll dig below the tip of the iceberg to understand the relationship between the subconscious and the autonomic nervous system, which drives how we engage with the world.

I’ll unveil a new framework that disaggregates our fear, shame, and guilt responses to understand their relationship to our emotions, needs, and how we are influenced. Science can be boring, so we’ll talk about it in the context of the Titanic, All In The Family, and Janet Jackson, instead.

In the end, I’ll leave you with a simple rule-of-thumb to facilitate interactions that a c-suite executive dubbed the antidote to toxicity. I call it e3: empathize, educate, empower. The science of leadership.

Host: Jeff Nally

Queering Our Minds In Coaching

Queering Our Minds In Coaching with Mike FindlayAugust 2023

Queering Our Minds In Coaching
with Mike Findlay

In coaching, we often hear about and use models that relate to our clients mental health. But what is the actual benefits that coaching brings to better gay men's mental health?
This session will offer a deep dive into understanding what some of the mental health challenges are for gay men, and how coaching can provide part of the solution.
Mike will discuss some research findings as a result of a small number of short interviews he has conducted with fellow gay coaches.
The session will also invite us to look into ourselves, our previous experiences & trauma, to get to a greater insight as to how we as coaches should tend to our own mental health needs to help us best serve our clients.

"Queering our minds in coaching" was first presented at the Gay Coaches Alliance Global Conference at Easton Mountain earlier this year. Mindful that some participants will have been at the session, Mike will make some small adjustments to the presentation to keep it dynamic for those joining.

Host: Allen Siewert

Going Deeper: Cultivating the Roots of Meaningful Work

Going Deeper: Cultivating the Roots of Meaningful Work Meaningful workJuly 2023

Going Deeper: Cultivating the Roots of Meaningful Work
with Nick Duggan

Meaningful work is a top driver of hiring, engagement, and retention, but most people still say that their work isn't nearly as meaningful as it could be. That lack of meaning is leading to higher burnout and dissatisfaction for individuals, and increasing turnover and people-related costs for companies. The good news is that we as coaches can play a key role in making work more meaningful! In this month’s call, we’ll go beyond the basics to explore the "roots" of what makes work meaningful, not just from a logical, practical approach, but from a deeper perspective that involves reflection, intuition, connection, and intention. You’ll walk away with a framework you can use to help foster meaning for your clients as well as tools to work more meaningful for yourself.

Host: Kyle Elliott


retreats02 800June 2023

with Wil Fisher

This month's call focuses on coaches who create retreats.
Facilitated by Wil Fisher 

Panel: Harry Faddis and Michael Kline

Being the Daring You in All of Parts of Your Coaching….Creating a Thriving Coaching Business

April 2023 CallApril 2023

Being the Daring You in All of Parts of Your Coaching….Creating a Thriving Coaching Business
with Jim Arnoff

This call is all about being the authentic, true you in every interaction as a coach......whether it's one-on-one coaching, group coaching or leading workshops. What does it take to be courageous in challenging yourself and your clients to be open, vulnerable and daring. How do you create that powerful, trusting relationship with clients to accelerate their growth through powerful breakthroughs. The most powerful coaching is an intimate dance building on the foundation of authenticity, bravery and audacious actions. What does that dance look like, how can you co-design that dance with your clients and what does it really take to honor that dance...always.

Preview: International Gay Coaches Conference

PodcastingMarch 2023

Preview: International Gay Coaches Conference
with Chris Cooper

This month we are previewing May’s International Gay Coaches Conference at Easton Mountain. Whether you’re already registered, still deciding or can’t make it this year, the session will still be for you.

Chris Cooper will lead an interactive session around the conference theme Who We Are: Exploring Identity in Creating Change, speak to some of the men presenting workshops, provide other important information about the event, and answer any questions you have about the conference.

Coaching on That which is Greater

PodcastingFebruary 2023

Coaching on That which is Greater
with Reverend Dr. Daniel Rodirugez Schlorff

"That which is greater" is all about a client's connection to anything that feels greater or larger than themselves. And that can be experienced in a multitude of ways. It can be experienced on horseback, gardening, playing the piano, going to masjid/temple/synegogue/church, walking our dogs, being ignored by our cats, contemplating trees in the forest, reading holy scriptures or poetry, appreciating a full moon, a family dinner, or sailing. Whatever. Any experience of a connection to  something greater will create feelings of awe, gratitude, contentment, joy, appreciation,  fulfillment, delight, connection, belonging, and love. And why is it important for our clients to experience connection? And why would it be powerful to be a coach who incorporates this area in our practice?


PodcastingJanuary 2023

Podcasting: Winter Virtual Conference
with Wil Fisher, Maddox, Brian Falduto, Kyle Elliott, and Dean Meyers

What Gay Coaches Need to Know About Hosting and Guesting

Preview Winter Virtual Conference

Mens ExperiencesDecember 2022

Preview: Winter Virtual Conference
with Chris Cooper and Pete Simmonds

The program for the Winter Virtual Conference 2023 is designed to provide a high quality mix of sessions* delivered over two days by coaches from our talented GCA community. These are centered around our theme for the event of exploring the role of gay coaches in evoking the change we need to see in the world.

The Power of Brand

Mens ExperiencesOctober 2022

The Power of Brand

What you need to know about Mankind Project and Illuman-Men’s Rite of Passage for you and your clients.
with Julio G. Alvarez

Men’s Growth Experiences

Mens ExperiencesSeptember 2022

Men’s Growth Experiences

What you need to know about Mankind Project and Illuman-Men’s Rite of Passage for you and your clients.
with Richard L. Warren,CPCC


dave allen desireSQ200November 2021

Dave Allen
in conversation with Tim KIncaid

Dean Meyers

cameron murdochJuly 2021

Dean Meyers
in conversation with Garry Schleifer

MURAL virtual whiteboard, LEGO play and other modalities.

Transform Pain into Possibility

February 2021feb 2021 SQthumb200

Dissolve Emotional Blocks & Transform
Pain with RIM (Regenerating Images in Memory)

Michael J. Kline
Master Certified RIM Facilitator & Trainer
Jack Canfield Senior Trainer

How to put on a workshop

November 2020October 2020 call

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Our Personal & Professional Lens & Its Impact


Anchors for Difficult Times

march 2020 callApril 2020

Anchors for Difficult Times

w Brian Gorman

Inside the Magic of Coaching

march 2020 callMarch 2020

Inside the Magic of Coaching: The Neuroscience of Changing Minds and Behaviors

w Jeff Nally and Brian Gorman

Social Media 101

jan 2020 callJanuary 2020

The basics of creating and using the various social media platforms for coaches

w Frank Strona

Words Matter

Words MatterNovember 2018

Using generative language to create powerful results.

Coaching Intimacy

Coaching IntimacyOct 2018

Lack of capacity for intimacy often gets in the way for gay men..


No Sex Please, We're Coaches

No Sex Please, We're CoachesMarch 2018

Work with your clients around their erotic issues.

Book Yourself Solid

book yourself solidJune 2017

isn’t it time you found how to work with the clients that best align with your talents and gifts?

Coaching in the Congo

coaching in the congoApril 2017

Coaching in the Congo. How I became a better coach, coaching abroad

Body-Based Coaching

body based coachingMarch 2017

Body-Based Techniques: Coaching Transformations from the Inside Out

Creating an integrated life

april 2015 callApril 2015

Creating an integrated life not a compartmented life.

Highly Sensitive Men

november 2013 callNovember 2013

Coaching highly sensitive men and those who love them

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