The Members of the Gay Coaches Alliance

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 New York, New York
 Jersey City, New Jersey
 Quincy, Norfolk County
 Keller, Texas
 Atlanta, Fulton County
 Venice, Florida
 Chicago, Illinois
 WHITE PLAINS, North Eastern US
 Pacific Palisades, CA
 San Francisco, California
 Hoboken, NJ, National
 St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay Area
 New York City, New York Area
 Boston, Massachusetts
 Northport, New York
 Pittsford, NY
 Cambridge, Massachusetts

David Whittleton w/ whittleton consulting

As a fellow LGBTQ leader, I understand being an effective leader in today's world requires a complex skill set to meet the challenges of a global marketplace. More Info
 Rochester, New York

Jerry Kajpust

Through listening, questioning, and empathy, I enable personal and professional growth and support risk-taking leading to new opportunities, by leveraging my skills and experience through coaching. More Info
 New York, New York

Leonid Frolov Coaching and Leadership Development


Robert Naylor

I'm a corporate executive turned executive, entrepreneur, career, and life coach. I am passionate about helping my clients see their potential, build better relationships, improve self-image,… More Info
 Jersey City, New Jersey

Daniel Weil

Professional and Personal Development for individuals and organizations. Individual coaching sessions, workshops in-person or via ZOOM, and unique retreats at EQUUS - Thunderbird Ridge… More Info

Kent Webb, LCSW, PCC

WEBB Associates delivers inclusive coaching, organizational consulting and leadership training services influenced by the fields of Bowen theory, neuroscience, evolution, and mindfulness,… More Info
 Denver, Colorado

Don Eash

Elite athletes, concert musicians and world-famous actors all have coaches to help them be at their best throughout their career. Leaders are no different. Are you ready to be the 'elite'… More Info
 Quincy, Norfolk County

Tim Kincaid

 Keller, Texas

Eugene Morado

Strong Arm When life leaves you cold there's no need to fold, when you're hurting inside please don't hide the pain I'm here with my open arms to help you move the many mountains that's… More Info
 Atlanta, Fulton County

The Mental Fitness Coach


Kris Verlé

As an online life coach, I challenge you to get more specific on what you want for your future and why. I then help you figure out how to adopt the most useful mindset, along with the right… More Info

Jeff Moore

Growing businesses experience growth plateaus that are difficult (and dangerous) to pass because strengths become weaknesses as your business grows. Change your thinking and your organization… More Info

Brad Krueger - Business Coach and Mentor

Business coaching and mentoring tailored to professional services providers. More Info
 Burien, Washington

Jonathan 'Jeb' Bates, ThoughtAction LLC


North Trail Coaching and Consulting

Leadership and Life Coach focused on helping clients flourish and succeed. More Info

Rick Reddington, MS, PCC

Rick Reddington supports individuals as they traverse today's corporate landscape full of change and uncertainty. Discover who you really are, at your best, and lead your way forward -… More Info

Chris Cooper - Online Life and Career Coach

Life and career coach helping you to feel more confident, understand yourself better and achieve your life, career and business goals faster than trying to do it alone. Based in the UK and… More Info

Kyle Elliott, MPA, CHES -

Kyle Elliott, MPA, CHES is a career coach, gay life coach, and professional resume writer offering career coaching, gay life coaching, and professional resume writing. More Info
 Santa Barbara, California

Jeff Nally

Jeff coaches leaders to be more human at work. He brings no-nonsense neuroscience solutions that spark new thinking, actions, & results. Jeff leads coaching SUPER-vision sessions with coaches… More Info
 Venice, Florida

David W.N. Vickery


Peter Godard

Peter is a coach for personal, professional and collective liberation & co-creator of the Social Identity Coaching Lab. Peter--a white, queer, cis-man--is a somatic, identity-aware coach with… More Info
 Chicago, Illinois

Dominic Longo - Flourishing Gays

Flourishing Gays offers leadership development from LGBTQ+ perspectives. Our Heroes Journey program brings together highly accomplished LGBTQ+ men to exchange wisdom, support, & accountability. More Info
 New York

Peter Simmonds (ACC), Summit Coaching

Peter Simmonds is a professional life and leadership coach (ACC) and facilitator, based in Boston, MA and principal of Summit Coaching. More Info
 Boston, Suffolk County

Rick Kennedy

Life Coach & Mediator More Info

Todd Nicholls

 WHITE PLAINS, North Eastern US

John Volturo, ACC, MBA

I help leaders, teams, and businesses close the gap between their current and desired future state through one-on-one executive coaching, culture building, group training, 360s, leadership… More Info
 Pacific Palisades, CA

Cory Colton

An inflection point is a turning point, or a time of significant change, in business or in life! During those time of inflection, a leader may discover that they want more, or want to lead… More Info

Michael Kline

As a Master RIM Facilitator, I help you access your internal resources, lift your spirit, heal old stories, and inspire effortless action. With RIM, your Heart, Mind & Body provide instant… More Info
 Sarasota, Florida

Daniel Murphy

I've worked with some of the best and brightest and learned how businesses work. I know what you can expect and how this knowledge can help you be the best you can be. It would be my honor to… More Info
 Denver, CO

John Carlson


Étienne Lartigau

At Proficiency Coaching, we take a realistic approach to coaching, using the Energy Leadership™ technique to shift your attitude and perception so you can create the life you want to live. More Info
 Los Angeles

Frank Strona

The style of consulting and coaching I do introduces the concept that learning is a life-long process. From sex and dating to ways to find your spot in the workplace culture. Now, are you… More Info
 San Francisco, California

Brian Gorman

Whether you need a coach to help you get unstuck; you are looking for someone to guide you as you get ready, set, and launch your change; or are seeking to transform your future, I am the… More Info
 Hoboken, NJ, National

Matthew Bennett

Non-judgemental kink aware life- and executive- coaching for the LGBT+ and kink communities. More Info

Brian Westley- Career, Leadership & Virtual Coach

Over 25 years of Corporate Leadership development. I work with people in fortune 50 companies and MBA programs to develop Leadership & Management skills. I help people gain clarity and take… More Info

Terry Hildebrandt and Associates, LLC

Dr. Terry Hildebrandt is a catalyst for individuals and organizations to realize their full potential by providing facilitation, coaching, and organizational consulting. He equips you with… More Info

Bernie Kettle

Bernie Kettle works with those gay men who are ready to bring their gifts more fully into the world, so that they can play their vital role in society, and in doing so, creating a life of… More Info
 St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay Area

Josh Saterman

Invest in talent. Build your culture. Embrace diversity & inclusion. Develop leaders. Maximize your business. Win in market. More Info
 New York City, New York Area

Scott Graham Stephens

I work with people who want balance, direction and fulfillment in their life, career & relationships. Sound like you? I have the credentials and experience to help! Set up a free… More Info
 Boston, Massachusetts

Doug Loescher

As an executive coach with 25 years experience in nonprofit leadership, Doug Loescher helps professionals channel their passions into results. More Info
 Washington, DC

Damian Goldvarg


Kevin Claus

I’m passionate about partnering with individuals, leaders and teams to support them in unlocking their full potential and achieving their professional and personal goals. More Info
 Northport, New York

Brian A. Flanagan

Life & Leadership Coach, Change Agent, People Builder More Info
 Fort Lauderdale

Nathan Serrato


Mark Brewer

I work with organizations, teams, executives, leadership and individuals, using the EQi 2.0 Emotional Assessment for clarifying how they show up in the world and workplace. More Info
 Pittsford, NY

Ira Tau

An executive coach focused on helping I.T. professionals and those who work with them. More Info
 New York

Tony V. Zampella/ Bhavana Learning Group

Bhavana Learning Group works with experienced coaches, learning professionals, and business executives. With contemplative practices, we support clients in deepening listening to develop… More Info
 New York, New York

Jim Lopata

 Cambridge, Massachusetts

Craig G Howe

Since leaving my corporate career, I have transformed my life to one of wholeness. I no longer struggle choosing which part of myself to reveal. I am all that I am, all the time. More Info