Claude Laroche

Montréal, Québec H2L 5E4, Canada

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Helping you lead your organization, your team, your life !

Claude Laroche provides consulting, coaching and leadership development services.  Visit for more information. 

He is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) with the Coach Training Institute (CTI) and completed the Co-active Leadership Program on the road to a deeper and richer expression of himself as a leader. He is an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF) dedicated to fostering professionalism in coaching.

Claude believes that everyone is a leader.  He supports everyone in expressing their leadership, expanding their whole life, achieving results and having fun too.  He believes that coaching uncovers the best in everyone and that it enriches lives significantly.

Coaching for Men

Claude has developed a niche for coaching men.  He believes that all men are looking for new ways to live their life as traditional notions of manhood are being expanded in the modern world.  Gay men in particular are ready to step up to their authentic self, expand their whole life, inspire others and make a difference in the world. 

Claude helps men:

  • live more consciously as a man and address the unique realities of the modern man.
  • find a sense of pride and accomplishment in the man they have become over the years.
  • make changes in their life and make a bold jump into a richer, fuller life – coming from that part of their heart that is most alive, vibrant, and connected.
  • learn more about themselves and their manhood and design actions that they can bring directly into thier life – and out into the world.

He also believes that the BODY posesses wisdom that needs deep listening and that healthy sensual and erotic touch is profoundly nourishing.  He is a certified massage therapists and provides massage services that draws from a number of different types of bodywork.


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{module 189} Gay and Aging with Pride and Purpose

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