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Coming Home to Your True Self

I’m Cator Sparks — spiritual seeker, helper, optimist, life enthusiast — and I am so happy that you are here.

Are you feeling stuck in a job, relationship, living situation or simply exhausted by those negative thoughts swirling in your head? I got you.

Life coaching is all about getting ‘unstuck’ and I can tell you from working with coaches for the past ten years, it works. As one client told me, “You helped me realize that it was ok to reach out to people, to trust and open up. You also helped me acknowledge my successes and stop obsessing on my shortcomings.” Boom.

As a CTI certified life coach, I am here to listen and show you how to invite and elicit change, begin a new chapter of your life, meet yourself anew and awaken your life’s purpose. Change can be hard, growth can be uncomfortable. But the best kind of change isn’t about altering who you are, it’s about coming closer to who you really are than you have ever been before. Your wholeness is and always has been within you. The answers are within you, and I will encourage and help you learn to trust yourself, strengthen your confidence, life skills and resilience through exercises in hope, expansion, gratitude, humor and happiness.

Together, we will shake the beehive and connect to your inner voice, mine for your values and bring you in touch with your authentic self. You are the expert. I am simply here to accompany you on your journey of self-discovery.

Let’s do this.


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