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CAM Life Designs - Where life and design co-exist

As a professional, qualified, and accredited Creative Resilience Coach, Motivational Speaker, Designer, Artist, Manager, and Musician, I have benefited from the unique perspective of living my life through the beauty, combination, and co-existence of these creative elements.

I realised many years ago that designers create products, environments, worlds and find solutions using design thinking principles. 

Look around your environment – at the cup your drinking from, the seat you are resting on, the book you are ready from, the film you are watching or the music you are listening to. Everything in our lives was designed, created, written, composed, and performed by someone. And every creation starts with a problem or dream that the creator wants to solve or create. 

I am as passionate about coaching, and living, as I am for designing. Therefore, I have intrinsically linked all three together into my new coaching and design business, CAM Life Designs.

At the heart of this life changing and creative business is me, Cameron Murdoch, a humble, passionate, empathic, caring, and creative guy from the North-East of Scotland. This is where my expertise in resilience comes in, for I have been given many rich and beautiful challenges in my life to learn, develop and strengthen from, all of which I refer to as ‘gifts’. These gifts have changed my life, empowered me to explore myself deeper and further, pushed me well beyond my comfort-zone, as well as enabling me to finally be content, accept and love who I am. 

Life’s Learning Gifts:

- Suffered Child Abuse from alcoholic father, for first 17 Years of life

- Profoundly Dyslexic, as a child and struggled to find my ‘voice’

- Gay, in the 70s/80s in a small fishing/farming community where it was not acceptable for a son to run around in spandex, singing Julie Andrews songs, whilst chasing the boys in the neighbourhood

- Professionally trained Concert Pianist, learning the beauty of non-verbal communication

- Kidney Cancer Diagnosis, at age 32

- Suffered Stroke, during cancer operation and suffered paralysis from neck down forcing me to give up my career as a musician, losing my creative ‘voice’

- Re-learnt, Re-built and Re-connected, to every aspect of my life, mind, body, soul, and identity

- Made redundant from Director’s position, again establishing a new me

- Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis, at age 42, which I am still living with. Chemotherapy, was not effective, so now going through immunotherapy with the hope that it will stop the cancer from further spreading

- Multiple Bereavements, including the death of my beautiful mum, who was diagnosed too late with Bowel and Stomach Cancer, whilst I was going through my own cancer journey. Proudly nursing her during the last few weeks of her life

- Experiencing COVID 19, whilst in isolation and receiving immunotherapy

Throughout, all these life gifts I have been very fortunate to have beautiful friends, family, creativity, and resilience supporting me, enabling me to survive, with a very dark sense of humour and a smile in my heart. 

I believe, at the centre of my company and work, that coaching, creative thinking and design can help everyone to create a life, career and future that is fulfilling, rewarding, meaningful and loving.

The same design and creative principles that are responsible for everything that exists around us can be used to create and build your career and your life, a life of happiness, compassion, joy, and fulfilment. Where discovery, productivity, growth, and empowerment are alive, and where resilience, gratitude, presence, confidence, self-acceptance, and self-worth are celebrated. 


If YOU also want to design and create the life you want, and build a resilient future, then contact me so we can walk the journey together. 

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Cancer Coaching:

Having been diagnosed with cancer a few times I fully understand how the monumental journey can affect your mind, body and soul. Although, it is difficult on your body, it is arguably more challenging from a mindset point of view, as your brain tries and fails to adjust to its unexpected clash with your own mortality far sooner than you’d have anticipated.

This is when Cancer Coaching can really support you. I have developed the method based on my own cancer journey, and is primarily centred around Connecting, Caring and Creating, a proven model I know works from me experience of coaching people like you. I work with you to re-connect to your capacity for resilience and finding solutions, support you whilst you deal with an array of thoughts and deep feelings, challenge your inner critic and enabling you to feel a greater level of acceptance, kindness, patience and generosity towards yourself, as well as re-balancing your inner strengths and well-being. 


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