Buck Dodson, LCSW

Austin, TX

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Life coach and licensed therapist igniting gay men’s curiosity about their deepest wants and supporting them to embrace, express and live out their most compelling life visions.

As a life coach, therapist and nonprofit social innovator, I spend my days having energizing conversations that generate fresh insights, new mindsets, radical shifts, and big connections. I work with a diverse client base including couples, creative entrepreneurs, executives, and artists, all of whom are inspired to build healthy, engaged lives fueled by their dreams and filled with joy, purpose, loving relationships, and rewarding careers.

As a gay man working with other gay men, I’ve spent the last 25 years learning about gay identity through deep personal and professional experience. In my counseling practice, I’ve partnered with gay men to heal the unique wounds that come from growing up in a primarily hetero/straight world, and I’ve witnessed these special men become more loving toward themselves and others, living their lives with more ease, serenity, and joyful connection.

In community and academic settings, I’ve mentored gay and bisexual students through the sensitive identity development phases, educated future social leaders about LGBTQ issues, raised money for homeless LGBTQ youth programs in Los Angeles, and co-launched Chicago’s Gay for Good chapter to foster intra-community relationships based on service and goodwill.

Personally, I’ve been and continue to be guided in my own development through a long line of gay male teachers - therapists, coaches, clinical supervisors, healers, colleagues, and dear friends – who have all generously shared their time, attention, and wisdom with me. I’ve also participated in the leading edge social movements of Gay Men of Wisdom and Gay Men’s Medicine Circle. 

Working primarily as a coach, I now embody my passion for igniting gay men’s curiosity about their deepest wants and supporting the them to embrace, express and live out their most compelling life visions!

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Buck Dodson, LCSW

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