Bernie Kettle

St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay Area, United States


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Mentoring and Coaching for Gay Men. "It’s time for your authentic boldness to shamelessly shine!"

Hi, my name is Bernie Kettle, and I am the Original BoldAss Gay Man. I have come a long way since I first came out to myself and others, and to begin to accept being gay. But even after that, I struggled with believing that I was not enough, in large part because growing up I had learned - from religion, media, people in my life and society - that being gay was wrong, bad, weak. That I couldn’t be happy or fulfilled or have a family.

So, I blended in, hid parts of myself, and struggled in my romantic relationships. Sure, I was making decent money in IT, but my work was no longer fulfilling and was becoming soul-crushing. I lived in fear of the judgement of others. I played small, but it cost me. After one particularly challenging relationship, I came to recognize that the biggest closet I had to come out of now was being boldly me.

This new coming out process was a transformational journey that brought many opportunities and blessings with it. Don’t get me wrong, I still had challenges, and at times it was painful and difficult, but through it, I stopped hiding and blending in.

Now I boldly embrace that being gay is a GIFT. I live from a deeper inner authenticity and innate boldness, which has led to a whole new level of fulfillment in sharing the gifts that I have - because I am gay.

Today, I am the Mentor to BoldAss Gay Men everywhere, gay men who are ready to bring their gifts more fully into the world, so that they can play their vital role in society. Together we reveal the path to a greater level of fulfillment as you shamelessly shine in your unique contribution to your community and the world.

As greater numbers of gay men live authentically and boldly, my vision is that together we will show the world the beautiful gift that we gay men are to humanity, and my desire and commitment is to bring as many as you along with me as possible. Will you join me?


St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay Area, United States
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