Queering Our Minds In Coaching

with Mike Findlay

In coaching, we often hear about and use models that relate to our clients mental health. But what is the actual benefits that coaching brings to better gay men's mental health?

This session will offer a deep dive into understanding what some of the mental health challenges are for gay men, and how coaching can provide part of the solution.

Mike will discuss some research findings as a result of a small number of short interviews he has conducted with fellow gay coaches.

The session will also invite us to look into ourselves, our previous experiences & trauma, to get to a greater insight as to how we as coaches should tend to our own mental health needs to help us best serve our clients.

"Queering our minds in coaching" was first presented at the Gay Coaches Alliance Global Conference at Easton Mountain earlier this year. Mindful that some participants will have been at the session, Mike will make some small adjustments to the presentation to keep it dynamic for those joining.

Host: Allen Siewert

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