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Arnie Katz

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

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I am a Certified Professional Coach through the Goldvarg Consulting Group. I was trained directly by Damian Goldvarg, Ph.D, MCC. Damian is a Master Certified Coach and the former president of the ICF--International Coaching Federation.

As a professional coach, I partner with my clients in a thought-provoking and heart-opening conversation designed to maximize personal and professional potential, create awareness, and empower the client to take action. This model of coaching includes much active listening, being present with the client, and asking powerful questions designed to draw out the client’s awareness in order for them to take action and create solutions for themselves. Coaching is distinct from consulting as it is not advice-centered. It is centered on the client and the belief that the client is whole and resourceful.

My professional commitment is to be compassionately present with each client, to listen and to support them in creating awareness so that they can design a life that they love and are inspired to live.

I also bring to my sessions my perspective and learning about body, mind, and spirit as a professional massage therapist and bodyworker, facilitator, and wellness consultant with over 30 years of experience

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States
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