Chris Kisling
My practice is built on helping you to uncover and change the beliefs, judgments, and patterns that underlie, color, and ultimately determine your experience.
Scott Graham
To be effective in our lives we need to know where we are, where we want to go, and then to develop new strategies and tools enhancing our abilities to "correct" for old habits, thoughts and assumptions.
Thomas Keydel
Are you making the most of your money? Or is your money ‘making-the-most’ of you?
Mark Sprout
specializes in helping gay men who have children from a heterosexual marriage or relationship to live an authentic life and be true to themselves.
Daniel Fictum
Daniel Fictum is a dynamic life coach who uses his skills and experiences to work with clients to reach their fullest potential.
Harry Faddis
As a Life Coach and a Spiritual Director he works with gay men, focusing on all male issues, including spirituality, eroticism, career, finances, and personal power.
Bernie Kettle
Bernie's mission is to create a world of all possibilities by consciously and authentically speaking his truth, leading by example, and shining his light, so inspiring others to shine theirs.
David Vickery
an innovative thought leader in the area of organizational development, change management and personal development.
Tim Kincaid
Trust is critically important to coaching. I find that gay men often connect more easily with someone who they believe really “gets” them and their journey.
Dave Allen
I work with men, especially gay men, to live life on their own terms and to find and live their dreams.
Craig Bodoh
"If you fail to control the events in your life, the events in your life control you."
Garry Schleifer
Publisher, choice the magazine of professional coaching
I am a business coach specializing in helping those who own their own business.
Bernie Kettle
Bernie's mission is to create a world of loving relation-ships by consciously and authentically speaking his truth…
John Pelkey
I specialize in working with gay men who are not satisfied with the emotional and/or sexual companionship and fulfillment in their lives.
Jim Lopata
James currently coaches and consults entrepreneurial leaders and teams at the Cambridge Innovation Center in Massachusetts ...
Terry Hildebrandt
Dr. Terry Hildebrandt is a catalyst for individuals and organizations to realize their full potential by providing facilitation, coaching, and organizational consulting.
Rick Reddington
Rick Reddington supports gay men of a certain age who are interested in playing the game of life differently in order to achieve particular (and in most cases, better) results and outcomes.
Eric Frieman-Polli
My passion and best work centers on diving into shame, body image and reclaiming your life.
Jeb Bates
Jeb works directly with senior professionals through one-on-one coaching to help them bring their vision to reality and create the impact they seek.
John Keathley
Each person has the potential to achieve amazing levels of genius, abundance and joy -- and to contribute to the benefit and service of others.
Michael Cohen
I believe that gay men have many gifts to offer as well. The world needs those gifts. I know that having a coach is one of the best ways to make sure your talents and gifts are manifested



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