Monthly Community Conference Calls

Each month the Gay Coaches Alliance hosts a community call for it's members.
GCA members check-in, discuss tools and technologies, participate in a topic-focused interview, ask for and get help, form partnerships and share what they are currently working on.

In the links below we offer only the interview segment of each of these calls with the world.
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Relationship Coaching


Claude Laroche hosted as Mark Strong and John Pelkey covered the aspects of coaching men in and around relationships in a panel discussion led by Dave Allen. We had a large number of participants for this call and the discussion was rich & took some unexpected turns.

Now that marriage equality has spread across the U.S., gay men suddenly have new options and choices that were almost unthinkable a decade ago. With new options come new choices, and we as gay coaches may be focusing on client relationships as never before. For our monthly teleconference on  September 10, we heard from a panel of expert relationship coaches who helped us to know how better to serve our clients, and perhaps help us in our own relationships with significant others. A significant number of our men are currently working with clients around relationships. Hear them join in and lern from the active coaches in this area.




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