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Mike Hands

Mike Hands
Address: Easton Mountain New York

Act Powerfully. Engage Passionately. Live Purposefully.

Type: Life Coach
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My name is Mike Hands and I’m a certified professional coach.  My clients hire me when they need to create a breakthrough in their lives, careers, or business, especially when they recognize challenges and the stakes are high.

Working together, you’ll very quickly get clear about the results you want to produce.  My best clients use coaching to get extraordinary results throughout their lives, careers, relationships and businesses.  The success you cultivate won't be confined to just one area.

Where I excel is in helping you identify what is really getting in your way.  Often this is the internal stuff, like limiting beliefs, assumptions, and expectations — most of these are unconscious.  (Not for long.)

I call my company Quantum Leap Total Life Coaching because the quantum leaps you’re looking for happen almost effortlessly when you align your internal and external results generating system.

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