Monthly Community Conference Calls

Each month the Gay Coaches Alliance hosts a community call for it's members.
GCA members check-in, discuss tools and technologies, participate in a topic-focused interview, ask for and get help, form partnerships and share what they are currently working on.

In the links below we offer only the interview segment of each of these calls with the world.
To participate in the monthly community conference or to  hear the complete community calls you must be a member.


Exploring Psycho Spiritual Coaching

This month Kevin Purvis was interviewed by Daniel Fictum.
Kevin spoke about “Psycho Spiritual Coaching”

Kevin is creating a practice using both his life coaching skills and his physical trying skills into an exciting new combination.

He has found that his client’s fitness story is also going in in other ways their lives.

He talked about the discoveries he has made around gay men and their body image.

He shared his experiences with creating a podcast as well as video training of this clients.



in What are You Working On? (Members only access):
We delved into the sensitive topic of billing.
Our coaches shared tips for how to charge clients in various fluid scheduling formats in a practical way that is fair to all involved.

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