Monthly Community Conference Calls

Each month the Gay Coaches Alliance hosts a community call for it's members.


Members check-in, discuss tools & technologies, participate in a topic-focused interview or panel discussion, ask for & get help, form partnerships and share what they are currently working on.

We happily offer  topic segment only recordings of these calls to our visitors.
Full recordings and call participation is open only to members.


Paradox of Porn

november2017gcacallSQJanuary 2019

Notes on Gay Male Culture

Words Matter

Words MatterNovember 2018

Using generative language to create powerful results.

Coaching Intimacy

Coaching IntimacyOct 2018

Lack of capacity for intimacy often gets in the way for gay men..


Public Presenting

Points of You GameSeptember 2018

Public Presenting..


Points of You Game

Points of You GameJuly 2018

Tap Your Intuition & Creativity..


No Sex Please, We're Coaches

No Sex Please, We're CoachesMarch 2018

Work with your clients around their erotic issues.

Corporate Coaching

february-2018gcacallSQ200February 2018

Demystify this rapidly growing segment of the coaching profession.

What makes a great workshop?

what makes a great workshopDecember 2017

Drawing out the best in your workshop attendees..

Erotic Side of Coaching

november2017gcacallSQNovember 2017

"Eros is probably the most avoided topic in coaching."


november2017gcacallSQSeptember 2017

Using "Super-Vision" coaches get to look clearly into their practices.

Book Yourself Solid

book yourself solidJune 2017

isn’t it time you found how to work with the clients that best align with your talents and gifts?

Coaching in the Congo

coaching in the congoApril 2017

Coaching in the Congo. How I became a better coach, coaching abroad

Body-Based Coaching

body based coachingMarch 2017

Body-Based Techniques: Coaching Transformations from the Inside Out


changeDecember 2016


Inner Game Secrets of Fulfilling Relationships

Inner Game SecretsMarch 2016

Learn the inner game secrets of those who have fulfilling relationships

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