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Brian Gorman

Brian Gorman
Address: Hoboken, NJ National

Guiding You to Successfully Navigate Even the Most Difficult Change

Type: Life Coach
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Change happens. Sometimes we initiate it ourselves. Other times it happens to us. Whether your change is personal or professional; whether you are driving the change for yourself or for your organization; whether you perceive the change as positive or negative; whether it is a slight shift or a total transformation, I am prepared to coach you through it.

I offer three coaching packages. We can also work together to create a customized package that fits your needs.

  • Live Your Transformational Future: If you are facing (or are already involved in) a transformational change, this is the package for you. Changes of this magnitude are both the highest reward and the highest risk. Successfully achieving the goals that you set out requires adherence to a clearly defined path forward. We will work together to chart that path; to prepare for the transitions you will make; and to be proactive about mitigating the risks you encounter along the way. Working together, you will learn to embody the changes you are making so they become fully a part of who you are. Examples of clients who have worked with me for transformation include "Tom," who came out after 49 years of marriage and "Joe" who became a successful entrepreneur, founding his own business after working for decades in nonprofit organizations.
  • Ready, Set, Launch: Your change itself may not be transformational, but may require disciplined and well-thought-through preparation. If so, this is your package. "Begin with the end in mind" is always an important maxim to follow, but is especially critical here. We will work together to ensure that the goals you are working toward are clear, and that you have a sure way of determining when they have been achieved. From there, I will coach you as you identify everything you will need to get there, and put it all in place. I will stay with you the first steps on the actual journey as you launch the change. And, we will conduct periodic check-ins to help ensure your progress. As one example, this was the service offering that I provided to a nonprofit Board as they prepared the organization for a new Executive Director; at the same time, I provided the parallel service to the retiring Executive Director who had founded the organization and served it for more than fifteen years. Another example is Joe who, after a successful corporate career, needed to prepare himself to succeed in his new role as Executive Director of a regional arts education organization.
  • Getting Unstuck: We all get stuck; this package is for those who are ready to get unstuck. We work together to identify what has you stuck; to determine what you need to do to get unstuck; and to get you "back on the road again." One Getting Unstuck client is the Executive Director of a global nonprofit that needs to establish a sustainable funding base.

I offer my services nationally, working with you by online video, in person, and/or telephone as appropriate.  

I have been engaged in, and a student of, change for more than four decades. As a result, I have a deep understanding of how people respond to change, and what they need to do to successfully navigate it. It is that depth of experience that I bring to each coaching session with you.

Contact me today to schedule your free initial consultation.

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